Don't Forget To Tip After Your Hair Salon Appointment

A visit to your hair salon can transform your appearance and improve your mood -- after all, it's hard not to smile when you see yourself sporting a fresh, new look. While it's always polite to genuinely thank the salon employees who assisted you, it's proper etiquette to consider tipping them, too. The accepted rules for tipping at a hair salon suggest you should tip not only the stylist who cuts your hair, but also the person who washes it for you. Although you can often add a tip to your credit card payment, it's simpler to carry low-denomination bills to allow you to tip in cash. Here's what you need to know before your next salon visit.

Tipping For Hairstyling

It's appropriate to consider a tip between 15 and 20 percent of the bill for the person who cuts and styles your hair. As with other services for which you tip, this range provides you with flexibility to help you determine your overall satisfaction with the experience. If you're thrilled with not only the look of your hair, but are also pleased with the stylist's personality and demeanor with you, you should consider tipping around the 20-percent mark or even slightly beyond it.

Tipping For Shampooing

In many salons, an attendant other than your stylist is the one who shampoos your hair at the start of your appointment. The best approach for tipping this person is to give between $4 and $6. As with tipping your hairstylist, pick a point within this range based on the degree of care and your interactions with the staff member.

Tip With Cash

The Emily Post Institute, a leading etiquette organization, suggests carrying cash when you expect that you'll leave a tip. Although your hair salon might give customers the ability to add a tip to the payment they make with a credit or debit card, there's always a chance that this feature isn't available -- which will leave you in a predicament because your hairstylist could already be with another client. It's ideal to confirm the prices for your hair salon services before you visit to ensure that you have the right amount of cash on hand. Tip the attendant who washes your hair once he or she has provided the service and tip the stylist at the conclusion of your appointment. Pairing your tip with a genuine expression of thanks is always best -- remember, tipping isn't an alternative to being polite.