Suggestions To Help You Practice Skills That You Have Been Taught In Beauty School

If you are currently attending beauty school and would like to practice skills that you have been taught in order to be well-prepared for your final exam, the following suggestions may help you strengthen the techniques that you use. 

Style Wigs That Are Placed On Mannequin Heads

Purchase several wigs that contain strands of hair that are various lengths and thicknesses. Place each wig on a mannequin head and arrange all of the heads in front of a mirror. Use a variety of styling tools and products to create hairstyles that you have been taught in school. If you have difficulty achieving a particular style, read through notes you have taken in class and take your time to follow the steps that have been written down until you are comfortable completing them.

Once you achieve success with specific styles, use shampoo and conditioner to clean and detangle the strands that the wigs are made out of so that you can style each wig differently. For more information on wigs, contact companies like Ferrari Hair Service.

Host A Makeover Party

Invite some of your friends, family members, and classmates to a makeover party. Ask each invitee to bring some styling tools and products or cosmetics to the party that they would like to use. Gather items together of your own to use during the event. Write down each attendee's name on a slip of paper and place all of the slips in a bowl. Have individuals select a couple slips from the bowl in order to pair up guests. Instruct the couples to perform makeovers on each other.

Once each person has finished styling their partner's hair and applying makeup to their face, allow everyone to show off their new looks and discuss the steps that were completed to achieve the results.

Treat Yourself To A Pampering Session And Ask Questions

Visit a spa in order to receive a facial, pedicure, or another pampering session that involves a skill that you are currently practicing in beauty school and ask questions about each procedure as it is being completed. Watching a skilled professional and learning why they perform the steps in the manner that they do may help you gain a better grasp about a particular skill that you are attempting to master.

Not only will you gain knowledge during your pampering session, you may also look and feel better once it has ended and be anxious to show off your updated appearance. Write down new information that you obtained during your appointment once you get home so that you can refer back to it while studying.