Reasons To Cancel Your Massage Appointment With Less Than 24 Hours' Notice

When you seek the care of a massage therapist, you'll typically learn of this healthcare professional's cancellation policy. The exact nature of the rules can differ among therapists, but many will ask that you provide at least 24 hours of notice if you need to cancel an appointment. Providing this degree of notice is common courtesy, as the massage therapist may be able to take on another client during the gap that you'll be vacating. Although this rule is generally firm, there are times that it's acceptable to provide less notice — and your therapist won't have a problem with you doing so. Here are some such instances.

You Have A Contagious Illness

It's courteous to cancel your appointment with short notice if you come down with a contagious illness. Whether you're dealing with cold or flu symptoms, your therapist won't want to be in such close contact, as that could result in your massage therapist getting sick. Keep in mind that your illness should be contagious to cancel with short notice; if you simply have a headache, indigestion, or something else that isn't contagious, it's not really a fair reason to cancel at the last minute.

You Have Sunburn

Whether you visit the beach, an outdoor pool or even spend time sunbathing in your backyard the day before your appointment, you may end up with a severe sunburn. There's no point in attending your appointment, given that you won't want the massage therapist to touch your sore skin. In this case, your massage therapist will likely understand your reason for canceling with short notice. However, if certain parts of your body aren't burnt, you may wish to hold onto the appointment as you can get these areas treated.

You're Extremely Stressed

While massage therapy is an ideal way to reduce your stress, there are times at which you might find that your stress level is so high that you won't enjoy the massage. For example, if your spouse or child is extremely sick, or if  you've had a death in the family, you should call your massage therapist to relay this information. The truth is that he or she wants you to relax and enjoy the treatment, rather than attend if your stress level is through the roof. In this case, it's better to reschedule at a later date when you estimate that your stress levels will be lower.

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