5 Tips For Caring For Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can drastically change your look by giving you length and thickness that may be impossible to achieve on your own. When you choose the right salon, you should be ecstatic when you walk out of the door after having extensions put in. But when you make the financial investment to have hair extensions put in, you want them to look great for a long time to come. Use the following tips to care for your new hair extensions:

Brush Often

Tangles and snarls are the biggest enemy of hair extension, so it is important to bush your hair often. After getting extensions, it is a good idea to invest in a high quality brush that has natural bristles. Begin brushing your hair from the bottom to remove tangles and make your way to the top, but be sure to brush gently in the area where your extensions are bonded.

Wash Carefully

Before washing your hair, make sure that all tangles are removed. Always use salon quality shampoo when you have extensions, and lather in a downward motion to help prevent any breakage. After washing your hair, never brush it while it is wet, as doing so can damage the hair extensions. Instead, use a wide tooth comb to gently comb the hair.

Deep Conditioner

Conditioning the hair is especially important when you have hair extension. A few times a week, use a spray leave in conditioner or do a deep conditioning treatment, but avoid applying too much product so the extensions don't get a build up that can make them look dull. On the days that you don't deep conditioner, use a normal hair conditioner.

Avoid Blow Drying

Heat is bad for natural hair, but it can wreak havoc on hair extensions. When possible, let your hair air dry instead of using a blow dryer and then style as normal. If you must use a blow dryer or other heat tool, make sure you also use a spray designed to protect hair from heat.

Tie Back Hair

Your hair routine at night can make a big difference in how long your extensions last. The key is to prevent tangling as much as possible, An easy way to do this is by pulling your hair back in a low ponytail before bed. You may also want to consider investing in a silk pillow case, as it can help prevent tangles from forming. 

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