Which Implant Is Right for You?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures available to help women achieve the appearance of full, natural breasts. People consider augmentation for a variety of reasons, including the desire for larger, lifted breasts and improved balance of the chest.

No matter your reason for wanting breast implants, one thing is clear: you want the right implants for your body. Are you unsure what kind of implant is right for you? These are some of the options available to you.

Saline Implants

Saline implants are essentially implants made with sterile saltwater. These implants are safe because leaks can be absorbed by the body and then expelled, leaving you without serious health repercussions. These implants are also good because they can provide a similar shape and feel in each breast. They can be very well matched, giving you the natural look you are going for. Saline implants can also be structured, which means that they contain a small structure inside the saltwater to create a bit more structure. This gives the implant a more natural feeling.

Silicone Implants

Silicone was once more popular than it is today, but it is still a common option. Silicone implants are full of a type of gel, which feels quite natural. Silicone implants may need more follow-ups than other options, and a doctor will use an ultrasound or MRI to check on your implants and ensure they are safe.

Round Breast Implants

You can use round breast implants if you want a shape that is very round and full. The shape is less likely to rotate, which is very good for appearances—especially if you want something that has a bit more projection. If you want a different but similar option that will not move, you might consider a smooth breast implant instead.

Form-Stable Implants

You can also count on form-stable implants, which can maintain shape even if the shell of the implant breaks. These implants are made of silicone gel, which provides a thicker feeling than silicone which is more similar to gel. The shape can be a bit different than other options, especially if the implant changes position or rotates.

Choose a Breast Augmentation Professional Who Cares

Breast augmentation can make you feel confident, and you should choose a doctor who also helps you feel that way. Your doctor will listen to your concerns, assess your body, and ensure that you have the right implant for your body and wishes.