Simple, But Beneficial Services That Hair Salons Can Offer

If you regularly visit a hair salon, you may focus on getting the normal shampoo, cut, and perhaps a color or highlight. This is a fairly common routine, and for some, it is sufficient. However, most salons offer additional services that you could be taking advantage of for an even better experience and even nicer hair. None of these services are particularly costly — in fact, they're all pretty simple! But they are all quite beneficial and worth trying at least a time or two.

Hot oil treatments

A hot oil treatment is basically what it sounds like. Your salon professional will apply a warmed mixture of oils to your hair and let it sit for about 10 - 15 minutes. The oils that are used vary, but coconut oil and jojoba oil are common because they are very hydrating and will not irritate your skin or hair. The warm oil basically gives you a deep conditioning treatment, helping to hydrate dry hair and combat frizz. You'll notice the effects right away, and they should last for a few weeks. Hot oil treatments are really popular in the winter when the cold air has a tendency to dry out people's hair, and they're also a common choice among clients whose hair is dry from bleaching or chemical straightening.

Gloss Treatments

Do you like your hair color but feel as though it's a bit flat? You may want to opt for a gloss treatment. Basically, this treatment deposits a little bit of pigment into your hair shaft, but in the same color that your hair already is. The color pigments used are translucent, which makes them — and your hair — look shiny. Your stylist will apply the gloss treatment to your hair, have you wait about 20 minutes, and then rinse the treatment away. You'll be left with shinier hair than you've ever had before!

Bond Treatments

Do you have some split ends or damaged hair that you don't want to just have cut off? Talk to your stylist about a bond treatment. This is a treatment that can be brushed specifically onto the parts of your hair that are damaged. It helps bond the frayed hairs back to the main hair strand, basically camouflaging and fixing your split ends. This of it as hair glue! It only takes a couple of minutes for your stylist to apply after they cut and dry your hair.

These are just a few of the more common treatments that many hair salons offer. Talk to your stylist to learn about other options that the hair salon may have available.