Microneedling: Is It Right For You?

Microneedling is the process of taking tiny needles in a roller device and gently penetrating the skin with them so the skin is forced to react. The reaction the skin makes to this mild irritation is to regenerate and use collagen and other natural responses to repair the skin. The results are generally more supple, versatile, skin that is fuller and has less noticeable wrinkles and fine lines.

Microneedling can be done on various areas of the body and is used to produce a wide variety of results. Microneedling can help smooth out scarred tissue like stretch marks and injury or surgical scars, can help make acne pits and scars less noticeable, and can help clear up skin and make it more able to absorb the lotions and serums placed on it. The process doesn't hurt and, done correctly, can produce beautiful and natural results.

Is microneedling right for you? You should always have this work done at a spa or salon under the care of a specialist. Use this guide to help you determine if this is a treatment right for you.

You don't have sensitive skin

Microneedling is a gentle process but can cause sensitive skin to become dry and red for a short while following treatment. If you have allergic or sensitive reactions to lotions, scents, and other products applied to the face or body, then get microneedling with caution or only treat one area of skin at a time. You can have an aesthetician test an area of your skin first before committing you to a microneedling session to see if this beauty treatment is right for your skin.

You don't have unrealistic expectations

If what you want is glowing, natural skin with a fresh appeal without the use of lots of chemicals or lasers, then microneedling can be right for you. Microneedling, however, is not an instant fix and does not have extreme results that getting fillers or surgical procedures can have. If you want more natural results that can improve with time and care, then microneedling may be the right choice.

Microneedling works best when it's done regularly, so add this beauty routine to your normal routine to see the best results. Your aesthetician will give you a schedule for treatment and will customize the microneedling care you get to best meet your needs and what you're after regarding skin care. Always ensure to keep your skin hydrated and wear sunscreen to best protect your skin. Contact a microneedling service for more information.