The Addition Of Hair Extensions — What To Expect

Hair extensions will provide you with long, lustrous locks. Before committing to the addition of extensions, consult with an attendant at a salon. Hair extensions will not only alter your hairstyle, but they will also modify the care strategies that you currently use to maintain the health of your natural hair.

A Consultation

It is customary for some salons to provide a preliminary consultation for a client who has never invested in hair extensions before. This consultation provides an overview of the various extension products that are offered at a salon. A salon may feature clip-in, tape, and glue extension products. Clip-in products are the easiest extensions to secure. They require little commitment since they can be removed from the hair when desired.

A tape product or a glue product may be marketed as a permanent extension. Although either type of extension will eventually need to be removed from the hair and reattached or replaced with another extension product, a tape or glue product is designed to be worn around the clock.

A consultation will involve discussing the length of hair that a client prefers and the amount of volume that they want to increase. Each client's needs and preferences are different, making it important to consult with an attendant before a set of hair extensions are added.

Color Matching Processes And Care Techniques

After you select the hair extension product you like, the salon attendant will color-match your new extensions. Each group of hair that will be added to your natural hair will be compared with your natural color. Many hair extension products can be permanently colored. Your salon experience may take a while, depending on how many extension groups you will have installed. The hair extensions that are clipped in will be secured near your scalp.

Extension products that will be attached to your natural hair will bond directly with the natural strands. A non-stripping shampoo and conditioner should be used when washing your extensions and your natural hair. If you notice that the extensions appear to be separating from the ends of your natural hair, use a smoothing product to improve how the extensions look.

Your salon attendant may advise you to wear your hair up while you are sleeping. This will prevent the hair extensions from becoming knotted. If the extensions ever cause pain, schedule an appointment with a salon attendant to have the extensions adjusted.

Contact a professional for more information about hair extensions