Eyelash Extension Colors Other Than Black

Visiting a local salon to get eyelash extensions can dramatically improve the visual impact of your eyes and your face as a whole. A lot of people get eyelash extensions in advance of a photo shoot, whether it's a wedding, a workplace headshot shoot, or something else. You can also get extensions at other times, simply to change your appearance. When you think about eyelash extensions, there's a good chance that you picture those that are black. While black is common, it's not the only hue that is available to you. Visit a local salon for this treatment, and give yourself a chance to browse the eyelash extension colors that are available. Here are three appealing color options.


A lot of people like the idea of having darker eyelashes but feel that black extensions are simply too bold. For example, if you have fair skin, you might feel that black extensions offer too much contrast. A good option in this situation is to think about brown extensions. They still offer a dark, bold look, but because they're several shades lighter than black, you may feel that they're a better fit for you. Brown eyelash extensions are commonly available in a multitude of colors, making it easy to select a hue that works for you.


Another appealing look can be trying orange eyelash extensions. They can vary a lot in appearance. Some of these extensions are mostly brown, with a few orange fibers mixed in to offer a splash of color. At a distance, it will often seem as though you have lush brown eyelashes, but closer inspection will reveal the orange. You'll see other extensions that feature more orange, which can offer a vibrant look that resonates with some people.


Perhaps the most vibrant type of eyelash extensions on the market is a design that features rainbow colors. This color scheme might not be appropriate to wear to your office job, but it can be a fun addition for all sorts of events. If you're getting dressed up in an elaborate Halloween costume, for example, you might feel that rainbow extensions will complement your colorful outfit. Rainbow extensions can also be suitable for various parties, get-togethers with friends, and other events. 

To learn more about eyelash extensions, browse an extensive list of colors, and choose a specific look for an upcoming event, visit a local studio that offers eyelash extension services.